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Those who dares to cross the limit make history…
Hello, Medical Students,

TVER STATE MEDICAL RECTOR  welcome foreign student and congratulate them for writing the new chapter of their life. 
Greetings from Tver State Medical University, we would like to extend a warm welcome to you. Everyone who wants to feel the real connection with themselves are gently welcomed at Tver State Medical university. We are situated in the vibrant city of Tver and are delighted to have you join our esteemed institution, which offers a truly immersive learning environment. 
Our university is dedicated to nurturing medical student’s talents and unlocking your full potential, ensuring that you emerge as accomplished and successful individuals. We offer comprehensive programs and a committed faculty to ensure, students have an impactful education to set the stage of a successful future. No matter where the student comes from, we strive to provide a sense of knowledge. Students at the university have the opportunity to expand their education domains through the university’s facilities. 
Russia is a land of immense opportunities and a source of genuine knowledge. We are excited to help you on your Medical journey and looking forward to being a witness of your growth and accomplishments at Tver State Medical University Russia. TVSMU is not just a name but an abode of a premium educational destination providing facilities for students and faculty, such as well-equipped laboratories, libraries, and classrooms. 
Right now, Tver State Medical University continues to uphold the customs of national higher education while simultaneously driving the advancement of medical education and Russian scientific research. The university actively fosters and cultivates emerging disciplines within various realms of domestic medicine, thereby propelling innovation and progress in these fields.
Tver State Medical University has immense potential to enhance the performance of MBBS students in Russia. We are bound to ensure the development of future medical professionals who can play a crucial role in creating a healthier society. Our vision is not only to build a disease-free community but also to contribute to a healthier world

our History

Tver State Medical College has a rich history that dates back several decades. We can provide a general overview of the establishment and development of medical colleges in Russia. 

Medical colleges in Russia have evolved over time to meet the growing demand for skilled healthcare professionals. These colleges typically offer vocational training programs in various medical fields, providing students with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to pursue careers in healthcare.

Founded in 1902 and became a fully operational medical college in 1994.

History Timeline of Tver State Medical university -

The history of the Tver State Medical Academy opens up in
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