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Welcome to the OFFICIAL Website of Tver State Medical University. Over the last 90 years, Tver State Medical University has played an important role in the educational sphere of the Russian education system. The journey of university was started in 1936, with the creation of the “State Dental Medical Institute in Leningrad” and we are now one of the most prestigious medical university in Russia. 

We are on the mission to harness the power of education, with pure wisdom and ethics. As a result of our years of experience, we have become successful in enhancing the education standard and are able to provide students with the knowledge students need to succeed in life.

The chronological history of “Tver State Medical University” contains the valuable years. Since we were established as the dental medical institute, we have grown into a proper medical institute. Moreover, our reputation as one of the oldest and most esteemed medical universities in Russia, elevated by our commitment to excellence. 

Unlock the Chance to Enroll in an MBBS program at a prestigious Russian medical university

Tver State Medical University core values are centered on educating students to the highest standards and influencing their futures as prospective MBBS students.

Our Main Objectives

We deeply care about students’ well-being in our university and nurture their growth until they become successful medical professionals. Tver State Medical University admission process is transparent and provides surety to students for the growth in the future.


What Do We Offer?

personalized support tailored to your needs, expert guidance through every aspect of the admission process.

Best medical program to achieve success

6 Years English Medium Course

Experienced and Knowledgeable faculty for Better Guidance.

NMC and WHO certified college

The First Choice for MBBS Program in Russia
We proudly assert about our vibrant academic community that contains more Indian students.

We have come a long way with many foreign students, but Indian students are close to our hearts, As of 2024 we have more than 200+ Indian students currently pursuing MBBS program in different of years. Since the beginning of MBBS education for foreign students in Tver State Medical University, our chart of Indian  students enrollment is rising every year. We share special cultural bond at our university with Indian students and the celebration of numerous Indian religious festival at our university throughout academic year is the testimony of our relationship.

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Rich History

With a remarkable history spanning over 100 years, the university has consistently upheld its dedication to education, healthcare, and societal upliftment. Throughout its existence.

Top MBBS University in Russia

We are one of the “Best MBBS universities in Russia” with high vision and dedication to delivering the best medical education possible. Also, our fruitful ranking stands as a testament to the rich legacy of medical education in Russia.

Near to Moscow

Tver, a city in Russia known for its rich history and cultural heritage, offers a unique environment for students. The city's educational infrastructure provides students.

Community Life

Tver State Medical University stands as a beacon of diversity and inclusivity, where every student is welcomed and celebrated for their unique background and perspective. Our university community is built upon the foundation of mutual.


Why Study MBBS in Russia?

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