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Tver State Medical University hostel encompasses the 4 major hostels that are equipped with the major facilities that provides ample space for the student’s growth. The student’s comfort is the top priority at our university and makes foreign students feel at home. Moreover, the hostel provides ample space from any university within the Russia compare to any other university. The living area of university is satisfactory and enough spacious to accommodate many foreign students. When students choose to study in Tver State Medical University, we ensure they receive each and every facility.

Tver State Medical University ensures that students have access to every facility they need when they choose to study here. We understand how difficult it could be for a foreign students to leave the country and start living in a country that is completely new to them. So, we have designed, our Hostel to provide comfort to every foreign student’s needs.

The maximum capacity at hostel of Tver State Medical University has total 1544 seats, which provides enlarge space for the student’s comfort. When we talk about the surroundings of Tver State Medical University hostel, it has beautiful surroundings that showcase vibrant culture. It’s location provides the edge over other medical colleges in Russia because it’s located near the Russian capital Moscow ensuring students safety and security. Our hostel facilities ensure students receive comfort by providing clean and spacious accommodation, maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene, offers essential amenities, and ensuring a secure environment.

Hostel Facilities at Tver State Medical College

Modern Amenities

Each hostel is equipped with essential amenities including study areas, recreational spaces, and communal kitchens.

Convenient Location

Round-the-clock security measures and attentive staff to ensure the well-being of students.

Holistic Development

Hostel life at Tver State Medical College promotes holistic development by providing opportunities for social interaction.

Supportive Environment

A nurturing atmosphere that encourages academic focus and personal growth.

Cultural Vibrancy

Surroundings that showcase vibrant culture, offering students a rich and immersive experience.

24/7 Assistance

Dedicated hostel staff available to address any concerns or queries of the residents.

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