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Tver State Medical University Russia – Graduation Ceremony 946 students graduated

June 24 might be an ordinary date for anyone, but for “946” Tver SMU students, it was an auspicious day. They received their MBBS degree after 6 years of study. Students were both excited and emotional about leaving the university where they created so many memories. Tver State Medical University Russia has become the sole reason for many foreign students to pursue MBBS in Russia.

In 2024, total “946” students graduated from the university, of which “722” were citizens of Russian federation, and 224 foreign students belonging to the other countries, such as – India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Sudan, South Africa, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan and many more. 

What Happened at the Event?

At the event, every student praised the university’s administration, faculty, and support staff for their dedication to students. “Tver SMU forges highly professional faculty, medical specialists, and competent doctors”. Besides being skilled in the medical education domain, medical graduate students are also competent in all spheres of life.

Over the last 70 years, the commitment of the university is still the same, has not changed a bit. It is to provide the best medical education with the right career guidance. The Best and affordable MBBS education in Russia, is the noblest legacy the Tver State Medical University has gifted to the world. Our study curriculum is designed to empower students by providing the right guidance and better support for the advancement in their career.

Pursuing MBBS in Russia was once associated with many questions and high fee structure, but now it has been changed by the university. With great determination and dedication Tver SMU has begun to make bigger changes where cost of education is minimal and benefits are maximum. 

The demand for “Tver State Medical University” general medicine program is increasing at an amazing rate. It was asserted and confirmed by the “Ministry of health of the Tver Region”. There is a great demand to increase the numbers of medical seats, for the foreign students and national students. The TVSMU legacy is now being written with the hands of many successful alumni.


Now the MBBS admission in Tver State Medical University of 2024 is in full swing, within the university. This year the target has been set for the record admission numbers, where the admission are available for Indian students. We have dedicated staff to cater the needs and welfare of the students belonging to India.  

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